Athletic Team Charter

Why Athletic Team Charter?

Let Aeronux take care of the details of your athletic private aircraft charter. We go above and beyond to meet all your needs so you can focus on winning the big game.


What Can an Athletic Private Aircraft Charter Do for You?

Our athletic team charter services give you assurance that you arrive on time to your destination without the delays and hassles of commercial flights and connections. You travel directly to your destination and avoid long ticket and security lines while enjoying the convenience of boarding planeside.

Available customized services include favorite sports drinks, meals and headrest covers with your team’s logo to boost team morale as you travel. Contact us to find out all of the customized services we offer for our sports team private aircraft charters.


Athletic Groups

Since Aeronux caters to collegiate teams in particular, we know how important it is for student athletes to have fast, safe and efficient transportation that gets them back to class as soon as possible. We also accommodate private aircraft charters for:.

  • Alumni and Fans
  • Collegiate Bands
  • High School Bands
  • Professional Teams

Our athletic private aircraft charters are cost effective and flight options are based on passengers, athletic budgets, payloads and airfield preferences. Past performance includes team charter flights for conferences like the SEC, Big Ten, Big 12, PAC 12, ACC, Big East, Mountain West, Sun Belt and the WAC conference.


Aircraft Types for Athletic Travel

The type of aircraft selected depends on the size of your traveling party and your equipment needs. A large football team may require a private commercial airliner to accommodate their traveling group, but smaller teams, such as gymnastics or volleyball, prefer turboprops or regional jets.

Your Safety

Your safety is our first and foremost priority. We have developed a comprehensive network of air carriers that meet or exceed FAA requirements for training, crew and maintenance. We verify the carriers maintain the proper operating certificates, insurance and permits to perform passenger charters. In addition, Aeronux performs independent audits to verify aircraft condition, crew customer service and the air carrier facilities. Rest assured, we never compromise on our rigorous safety standards.

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