Single or Twin Piston

Why Charter a Single or Twin Piston?

The conventional single and twin piston aircrafts are economical and suitable for short distances and a very popular charter airplane choice for many regional travels. A single pilot typically flies twin Piston aircraft although a co-pilot can be provided. As these aircraft are able to access airports with shorter runways, Twin Piston passengers can land closer to their destination. Twin Pistons are considered safer and more reliable than the single piston option in poor weather situations.

There are no lavatories, stand-up room or flight attendants are available for passengers. These aircraft are becoming more popular due to their flexibility and low fuel costs; they can also fly in and out of small airports and airfields with rough runways that are not easily accessibly by larger aircraft.

Piston Charter Information & Performance

The Piston category are generally well suited for trips under two hours in length, and for smaller parties of three to seven passengers.

Your Safety

Your safety is our first and foremost priority. We have developed a comprehensive network of air carriers that meet or exceed FAA requirements for training, crew and maintenance. We verify the carriers maintain the proper operating certificates, insurance and permits to perform passenger charters. In addition, Aeronux performs independent audits to verify aircraft condition, crew customer service and the air carrier facilities. Rest assured, we never compromise on our rigorous safety standards.

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