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AEROACCESS / Government, NGOs, and International Organizations
Governmental and NGO aviation needs are often unplanned. They require precise and timely solutions, irrespective of a project’s size or scope. Aeronux provides the capability to deploy flexibil- ity when needed. Aeronux's proactive approach enables immediate access to multiple aircraft to ensure our passengers arrive safely and efficiently at their destination.
• Aeronux Policy dictates minimum of two contingency plans (Monthly/Weekly/Daily/Hourly reports when required).
• Beginning 30 days from the first departure, Aeronux is in contact with all major operators to
determine suitable replacement aircraft positioning and availability.
• From 7-days prior to the first departure, Aeronux is in contact with all secondary aircraft operators
on a daily basis to track and identify the closest suitable replacement aircraft.
• Aeronux closely tracks and monitors every aircraft involved with a program 24 hours a day, using flight tracking systems that identifies aircraft by their specific designations. Aeronux is in constant
contact with the aircraft’s dispatch throughout the duration of the flight and upon arrival.

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